FAQ - Frequently asked questions

In this section we will publish the questions we are frequently asked, so we will immediately respond to your question. If you do not find your answers, you can always contact us by clicking here.
D. I do not understand anything about computers, I do not even know what a router, I will be able to use the SubMe?
R. Yes absolutely! The SubMe is designed with the purpose of doing all the work involved in your place, it's so simple to use that even a child will succeed ... and often uses it!
D. There is a trial version of SubMe?
R. Yes, you can register and download the trial version for 3 days and test the infinite potential, we also guarantee a secure connection with the remote computer any ADSL / Mobile line you have, that's a promise. The trial version does not include all the features and masking that are reserved for paying customers.

D. Is a secure software?
R. This was our first rule, MAXIMUM SAFETY. we have equipped the SubMe of an encryption system AES 256bit (among the best in terms of security) that makes connections with remote computers SAFE absolutely indecipherable. Even the indirect connections will be handled in one-way, automatic and secure, you can rest easy..
D. I found a pirated version, I can trust?
R. It would be like wearing a shirt containing all your passwords for bank accounts, credit cards, facebook and your precious email and then go around the crowd in a festive day! Pirated versions of SubMe are just bait to which some naive mistakenly bite, once you download a pirated version of this software can be victims of any type of cybercrime! If SubMe was not purchased from you, it would be like giving your computer a complete stranger who will snap up any information found. DO NOT take risks, if you need SubMe, buy it personally, your personal worth much more than a dozen euro !!

D. It is legal to use this software?
R. Being legal is up to you, check your computer monitor or the household is a duty of every parent. The invasion of privacy of people outside this area is considered highly illegal.

D. My data access SubMe safe?
R. Yes, no one can know them, not even the administrators and the creator of SubMe same. Also remember that NEVER EVER ask you sensitive data such as username or password, if you receive email with some strange requests, contact us now! SubMe is highly coveted in the network, some would sell their mother just to get one free copy, why NOT give anybody your access codes.

D. How many remote computers can I check?
R. The basic version allows you to control up to 10 computers simultaneously, the VIP version up to 100.

D. What operating systems does it support?
R. SubMe works perfectly with Windows operating systems (Windows 95,98,2000,XP,Vista,Seven,Windows 8)

D. It also works on Mac OS?
R. Although designed exclusively for Windows, some users are able to use the SubMe on MAC, the emulation of this platform has never been verified, and it certainly is suitable for very experienced users.

D. What happens when the period of purchase?
R. Nothing happens, simply will not have access to remote computers, and these will be uninstalled after about one month after the expiration of your account.

D. Provided for a user manual?
R. YES, after purchase you will be directed automatically to a page containing all the information to download the SubMe, there is also a manual that explains the various functions of the software.

D. If you need assistance?
R. We're sure you really can do it all alone, in any case if you need to contact us you can do it from the special section, by email or by telephone.

D. They are wary about shopping online, can I trust?
R. SubMe existed for 10 years, our company is duly registered and we invoice for every purchase, as well as all the registry and dozens of different systems for us. WE are MEMBER BUSINESS for over 10 years with tens of thousands transactions to 'active demand response speaks for itself.

D. Can I contact you in real time?
R. You can call us at our offices in Italy, if you are abroad we also have an international telephone contact. If you are already a member if SubMe, you'll have a INSIDE PRIVATE CHAT with an operator who will answer any of your questions, there is also a Skype contact to talk with us.

D. I have to do something special after the purchase?
R. Once the payment is complete, you will be automatically directed to a page that will give you all the information you need, just wait 10 seconds after the confirmation screen.

D. Can I pay by bank transfer?
R. Yes, you can pay with bank tansfer, please CONTACT US for our bank details.

D. Can I use the phone to control a remote computer?
R. Yes, there is a versione for Android, you can check remote desktop from your smartphone or tablet.

D. Can I remove all traces after use?
R. The SubMe can be uninstalled directly from the remote, a function in particular allows you to delete all traces from your computer, this does not mean that you can engage in illegal acts and get away with it, there is always a way to trace the perpetrators of a crime.