Novità del SubMe Live

We have updated to version SubMe 1.00.27, correct some functions that we have reported and implemented new ones.
Now you can try it for FREE and without obligation SubMe Live 2014 for 3 days, you can harness the power of the software before a possible purchase. Many activities are still limited and will be built only after the purchase, however, you can test its functioning and compatibility. Please contact us for any information.
After much work we have finally introduced the connection "Tunnel", this special feature will allow connections with remote servers WITHOUT the help of an open door. From today it is possible to access remote computers over any connection, whether you are in an internet cafe, whether you use a phone key or the connection of the neighbor, even fastweb painful and WiFi connections towns are now just a bad memory, you always full access to all of your servers. Obviously those who will manage all this will be the SubMe, you will not notice any difference regarding the previous versions.
Introduced a new button in the control panel, the mode "Wizard". Using this new feature you can create your loved one server without any computer knowledge, you will be asked some questions to which you will just have to answer, does the rest and will give you all the SubMe ready in minutes! Anyone will be able to use this software .... also YOU, this is a guarantee!
New website for our SubMe Live! Now you can read any news or notice regarding the status sel service, updates, etc. to cover the world SubMe.